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Re: image/basic ?

1991-12-11 13:27:56

From the Chair.

I wish to terminate the discussion on image/basic.  

There have been several IETF efforts to resolve this "common" image
format work, Network Graphics, headed by Craig Partridge, with little
sucess.  The problem in identifying a "basic" image format lies in
identifying the "basic" needs for graphics.  I do not think the
IETF-822 mailing list is the appropriate place for this discussion.

The IESG area director for applications has chartered a working group,
NetFax, to choose a common format and protocol for one set of graphics
needs.  This work has been coordinated with the work of this working
group and has resulted in the content-type: image/TIFF-B-NetFax.

     Mark Needleman  <mhn(_at_)stubbs(_dot_)ucop(_dot_)edu>

Mailing lists:
     General Discussion:netfax(_at_)stubbs(_dot_)ucop(_dot_)edu
     To Subscribe:      netfax-request(_at_)stubbs(_dot_)ucop(_dot_)edu
     Archive:           /pub/netfax(_at_)stubbs(_dot_)ucop(_dot_)edu

     The Network Fax Working Group is chartered to explore issues
     involved with the transmission and receipt of facsimilies
     across TCP/IP networks and to develop recommended standards for
     facsimile transmission across the Internet.  The group is also
     intended to serve as a coordinating forum for people doing
     experimentation in this area to attempt to maximize the
     possibility for interoperability among network fax projects.

If a second clearly distinct set of needs can be articulated, please
contact Russ Hobby, the Area Director, about starting an effort to
define the graphics format to be used for those needs.

Greg Vaudreuil

IETF 822 extensions Working Group Chair.

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