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Header pull-up in current draft

1991-12-11 13:28:41
I've updated my implementation to reflect the latest draft.  There are
two problems.  The first is an under-specification for message/externalbody.
This is already being discussed.

The second problem deals with how headers are pulled-up for
message/partial and message/externalbody.  In the text version of the
draft, the rules for this are given on page 41.  

My claim is that these rules are entirely too complex as they require
that one keeps track of all the headers found in the initial enclosing
message, as some may be merged and some not.  This is a big burden on
the receiver.  As such, I think the rules should be changed:
When reassembly the parts of a message/partial message, the headers of
the encapsulated message should be merged with the headers of the
enclosing messages.  In this process the following rules should be observed:

(1) All of the headers from the initial enclosing message, except those
that start with "Content-", should be copied, in order, to the new message.

(2) Only those headers in the enclosed message which start with
"Content-", should be appended, in order, to the headers of the new message.
Any headers appearing in the enclosed message which do not start with
"Content-" will be ignored.

(3) All of the headers from the second and any subsequent messages will
be ignored.
I think this simplifies the implementation process immensely and does
not sacrifice any useful functionality.



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