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Re: External reference

1991-12-10 19:46:03
There's a VERY good reason for having it under Message rather than
Application -- it gives us an obvious and natural place (the embedded
headers) for the content-type of the external data.  In Greg's strawman,
there is no way to tell what kind of data is in the external file!

Other than that, though, I'm not unsympathetic to Greg's idea of
refining the types of external bodies.  I think it's a relatively minor
issue of syntax -- do we want one subtype with lots of parameters, or
several subtypes with one fewer parameter?  A more important quesiton is
how many parameters we've left unspecified.  Certainly we should add
things like "user" and "password" if they're going to be necessary.  

I have no problem with defining more parameters, and no illusions that
we'll think of all the parameters that will ever be needed.  That's what
extensible standards are for.  They give us a starting point.  -- NB

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