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Controlling gateway translation

1991-12-13 10:17:01
(Does anyone realize the reduction in creative thinking that would result
from the elimination of early morning shower behavior?)

Just had a thought that seemed unpleasantly legitimate:

Let's say that I am in an X.400 island and so are you.  Let's say that
we are connected by the SMTP/822 Internet.  The email gateways to/from
the Internet will do whatever translations they do, for the headers of
the message, and the x.400 recipient will have to live with whatever
information loss happens.  Fine.

But what if I foward you a message?  Will the gateway translate
embedded messages, also?  Even if it shouldn't?

The problem is that there are very real cases in which it MUST do the
translations, e.g., when the X.400 sender is sending to a 822bis recipient,
and others, such as the inter-island exchange cited above, in which
it shouldn't.

We currently offer no way for the sender to flag embedded messages as
being frozen/pure/or whatever we want to call it.


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