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Re: Values of "MIME-Version"

1991-12-18 17:29:38

how about the idea of merging some version control mechanisms into the
mail readers, such as performing the automatic diff, automatic labelling?
but this will violate the rule of easy_to_use.


I think that having the MIME-Version be lexicographically ordered is
cute, but too much at odds with the way people use version labels.  At
the risk of generalizing from my own prejudices, I expect people to
issue version numbers in increasing numeric order, but to consider
version label strings to be arbitrary in ordering.

The only time I ever gave a version label that was alphabetically
related to a previous version was when I had ordered the files in a
directory so someone listing the directory would see:


Requiring the relationship to be monotonically increasing
lexicographically will conflict with people's intuition:  Labels are
meaningful strings to remember something about the system.  Numbers are
a sequence of versions of the system.

Sorry Nathaniel, but I couldn't let you get too clever without saying

-Bill Cattey
MIT Information Systems

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