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Re: Richtext : why an US-ASCII formatting command ?

1991-12-19 03:33:01
On Tue, 17 Dec 91 13:10:44 EST you said:
No.  It can also be used to put a small amount of US-ASCII in the
midst of other things.

Well, this clarifies the thing.... Thanks ! (Lets hope implementers will
not try to put the stack of the interpreter in some confined region of
memory 8-) ).

Now, formally, code switching cannot work : since all formatting commands
must be in US-ASCII, there is no way to write a formatting command once one
has switched to another character set (this includes the negative command to
get back to US-ASCII) !!! I could imagine how the spec could be extended to
cover codes which are supersets of US-ASCII, but...    /AF

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