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Re: Richtext : why an US-ASCII formatting command ?

1991-12-17 14:58:09
Very good point.  There's no need for it at all UNLESS we clarify the
use of the charset parameter.  For example, if you have

Content-type: text/richtext; charset=iso-8859-2

then the "us-ascii" formatting command makes a certain amount of sense.

I may be missing something about richtext, but it seems to me that as long
as you can have character sets other than US-ASCII, there is a need to be
able to switch back to the default character set from within a region that's
marked as being in something else. I use nested constructs of this sort all
the time in SGML variant I happen to have available. Indeed, I'm no SGML
expert, but if for some reason we have forbidden nesting of SGML regions
I think we've made a big mistake. If you cannot nest things you then need to
have the cartesian product of all the things you can set as individual
commands. That's a lot of commands...


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