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Headers, etc.

1992-01-02 08:06:16

  As long as consensus is building swimmingly on other fronts, let
me say that I am quite happy with the Moore proposal for headers.

  In particular the ability to use BASE64 gives me all kinds of warm
feelings since it means that CJK users can easily send things within
their own community safely and reasonably efficiently.


  A minor point, I've been starting to look into the somewhat related
NNTPv2 and other news revision proposals and it turns out that the
matter of standard character set encodings is really extremely
general.  Content-transfer-encodings also appear to be extremely
general and applicable outside email to news and possibly other
things.  These raise a couple of partly-baked questions in my mind.
I'm certainly satisfied with the status quo and not advocating change,
but I think that these two questions should at least be glanced at.

  Should the content-transfer-encodings currently in RFC-MIME 
  be defined in separate documents ?

  Should the "standard character set" material in section 7.1.1
  of RFC-MIME be defined in a separate document with RFC-MIME only
  having the "charset" parameter syntax and such defined in 7.1.1 ?

RFC-MIME quibbles: (referring to the postscript document)
  -- In Section 4, page 8 shouldn't it say that new standard values
  must be APPROVED by the IANA rather than merely registered.  

  -- Ditto for 7.1.1 page 20.  This seems an essential bit of 
  clarification if we are to hinder the widely-acknowledged-to-be-evil 
  explosion of character sets.

    I'm religious about none of this, just trying to prevent confusion when
  this gets read by folks outside the working group.  I'll accept whatever
  the editors think is best.  

I'm agreeable to shipping this in the current forms of the RFC-MIME
and the Moore HEADERS drafts.

Are we there yet ??


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