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A Very Minor Proposed Addition

1992-01-02 07:46:57
I know this is a very late date to be proposing ANYTHING new, but I
don't *think* this will be controversial.  If it is, I will immediately
withdraw the proposal.  I have finally gotten around to implementing the
message/external-body type.  (Previously I was too busy arguing about it
to implement it!  :-) )  I've realized there is a small but crucial
missing access-type:

Access-type "local-file" means the body can be found in a file on the
local file system, whatever that may be.  The only additional required
parameter is the "name" parameter, although the "site" parameter can
also be used to define the domain of locality (i.e. where this file
system is believed to exist).

The intent of this is to provide a quicker kind of local reference.  In
particular, I imagine putting both this AND an "ftp" or "anon-ftp"
reference inside a mutlipart/alternative for external-body references
that are being sent to both local AND non-local recipients.

Obviously, sites that use AFS don't need this, but those of us whose
companies still live in the stone age in that regard DO need something
like this, I believe.  Does anyone have a problem with this idea, or can
I just slip it in?  Although I'd like to, I don't want to badly enough
to start an argument that delays the proposed standard.   -- Nathaniel

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