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Re: A Very Minor Proposed Addition

1992-01-03 06:55:11
Excerpts from mail: 2-Jan-92 Re: A Very Minor Proposed A.. Marshall Rose(_at_)dbc(_dot_)mtview (184)

The very obvious: can't you get the same functionality now with
access-type=ftp? Look at the site value: if it is your site, then use the
local-filesystem, otherwise use FTP...

The problem, as I see it, is an ambiguous domain of locality. At my site, for example, the thing we call a "local" file system is visible to a set of about 50 machines. Yet ftp access would probably point to one machine, The intent of "local-file" would be "see if this file exists locally" -- the "site" parameter could be used to constrain the search, e.g. "site=*".

Another problem: file names aren't always the same for local reference as for ftp, particularly anonymous ftp.

So I think there's still a place for local-file. Am I wrong?
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