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Re: A Very Minor Proposed Addition

1992-01-02 13:48:49
Excerpts from mail: 2-Jan-92 Re: A Very Minor Proposed A.. Ned Freed(_at_)HMCVAX(_dot_)CLAREMO (929)

Since by definition such a reference cannot leave the local system, and MIME restrictions on nonstandard additions don't apply locally (as long as they're eliminated before a message passes out of the local system) I didn't see any harm in doing this.

Yeah, basically you're right, but my case is one that will escape to the outside, because of lack of gateways:

Content-type: mutlipart/alternative; boundary=foobar

Content-type: message/external-body; access-type="ftp"; etc, etc.

Content-type: message/external-body; access-type="local-file"; etc, etc...


In this case, everything should work right even if it escapes the local area, but it would be nice if "local-file" were defined, particularly if the "site" parameter describes the area of locality... -- NB

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