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[Karl Fox: Exporting MD5]

1992-01-17 11:55:00
Sorry for all the cross posting, but I thought others might find this
information useful and I wanted to "hit" all the working groups I knew
that might care about this.

Please trim the replies to your own working group.



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Date:       Fri, 17 Jan 92 11:13:33 -0500
Subject:    Exporting MD5

It doesn't appear to be as hard to export PPP or MD5 (used in CHAP) as
the discussion on ietf-ppp has led me to believe.  I just received the
following message from our marketing person who takes care of export

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Subject: ECCN for PPP v1.2
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 92 10:30:19 EDT

Just to let everyone know, we received the commodity classification from
the OTPA for PPP v1.2 which includes the MD5 message algorithm used with
CHAP.  The ECCN is 5D94F (same as v1.1) which means that a valid export
license is only needed when exporting to Libya, Cuba, Cambodia, North
Korea, and Vietnam or if we have information that the product will be
used in the design, development, etc. of nuclear, chemical, etc. weapons
or missiles.
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Gee, you mean Iraq is OK?

It's clear to me that they didn't misunderstand our application.  We
sent along the entire MD5 and CHAP documents, and the resulting letter
from the OTPA describes our product as "PPP VERSION 1.2 WITH MD5
MESSAGE-DIGEST ALGORITHM".  Also, our application was sent 12/12/91,
which is well after the date the new restrictions talked about on
ietf-ppp had taken effect.

P.S.  OTPA is the Office of Technology and Policy Analysis, part of the
      U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration. ECCN
      means Export Control Commodity Number.

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