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Re: Internet X.400 Symposium Questionnaire

1992-01-31 10:54:37
    To:          ietf-osi-x400ops(_at_)cs(_dot_)wisc(_dot_)edu, 
mhsig(_at_)ics(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu, MHSnews(_at_)ics(_dot_)u
    == Symposium Questionnaire ==============================

    I.  The following list contains suggested topics for the
    symposium. Please mark each topic with a:

     (1) if you would definitely attend the symposium to hear this topic
     (2) if you find the topic interesting
     (3) if you are not interested in attending a presentation on the topic

    2__    A) Issues in Operating an Internet PRMD 

    1__    B) Operating an Integrated X.400 and SMTP Electronic Mail Domain

    1__    C) X.400 Routing Coordination in the Internet

    1__    D) RFC 822/X.400 Interworking (overview of RFC 1148bis)

    2__    E) X.400's use of X.500 for routing and address mapping

    2__    F) Installing/Configuring/Running a PP SMTP/X.400 gateway

    2__    G) Design and Operation of an email-to-Fax gateway

    2__    H) PP 6.0 Internal Structure and Operation

    3__    I) Overview of the OSI area of the IETF

    2__    J) Issues related to PRMD registration in the U.S.

    2__    K) Reports from several operational X.400 networks

    2__    L) Issues related to X.400 interworking with public X.400 
              service providers

    II.  How many individuals from your organization do you expect
    would attend this symposium?
   -- 1, if I can't find funding.

    III.  Please list the names and email addresses of people who are
    likely to attend from your organization.
--Dave Crocker
  The Branch Office
  675 Spruce Dr.
  Sunnyvale, CA  94086

    Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire. If you
    have additional comments about the topics or issues related to this
    symposium, please include them below.

    Please mail your response to hagens(_at_)cs(_dot_)wisc(_dot_)edu

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