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Re: Q+A: Mnemonic to Proposed Standard

1992-04-08 01:49:07
That is true, some of the characters do not have the same names
as in 10646, some even does not have names (some vendor sets).
So I had to judge what it was. And that could be a source of errors.

Actually, in that case I wouldn't call it an "error", I would call it
"your opinion". So people using your tables to convert between
character sets would be basing their conversions on your opinion. The
people who actually designed or actually use the character sets may
have a different opinion. That is also one of my concerns.

I have had the main tables checked by programs up against other
collections of character sets (some errors were found in this process).

Why don't you keep only the "main tables" in the document, then?

The tables have been available for about a year, also in character
set standards circles, so I think they are thoroughly tested.

And why should I believe this statement?

A good way to have them even better tested is to have them published
as a RFC.

For a standards-track RFC, the Internet Way is to make drafts
available for some time and to have at least two independent
implementations to try to assure that the specs ensure
interoperability. So specs become RFCs after testing, not before.

On the other hand, I believe Experimental RFCs are specifically meant
to be published before testing. Why don't you ask for "Mnemonic" to be
published as an Experimental RFC and simply make your "Charsets"
document available through ftp and email?

I assume Dave will correct me if I've made mistakes (and if so, I

Yes, I will tell people.

Yes, but _what_ would you tell them? If your "charsets" document was
published as an informational RFC, would you tell them that it has
become an official RFC? Or would you tell them the whole truth, and
say that it's an informational RFC?

But it may not be a great help, as some standardisation bodies
are reluctant to standardise something which is already in use,
and thus gives somebody an advantage.

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard this week (well,
maybe today). If there are standards bodies that behave in this
fashion, they deserve to...


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