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[soc.culture.korean] Announcing SSHR - Read/Write Hangul even on Dumb Terminals (forwarded)

1992-04-12 09:31:02

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If you really like to communicate in hangul but have given up the use of
hangul because you don't have a hangul terminal, you might want to try
this: romanized hangul.  If you think you can read/write something like
" BanGabSeubNiDa.", the chance is that you can
communicate with other hangul-users in hangul even on dumb terminals.

We have defined a hangul romanization scheme called SSHR, and
made a few code converters for KS5601:
  - ks2sshr (and readks) to generate romanized hangul from KS5601
  - sshr2ks to convert romanized hangul to KS5601
They are are compiled and run in Unix systems.
When coupled with other "ks-wares" such as iso2ks and msy2ksc,
ks2sshr/sshr2ks can be used for those 7-bit encoding schemes

The document and programs for sshr is available through anonymous ftp
to, in directory pub/hangul/codeconv, file name
ks2sshr.tar.Z (should be transferred in binary mode).

Please send any comments/questions to either dkyoon(_at_)usc(_dot_)edu or
sung(_at_)ibm(_dot_)com(_dot_) -- Thanks.
- -- 
Dae-kyun Yoon
dkyoon(_at_)usc(_dot_)edu, ..!uunet!usc!dkyoon

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