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MIME writeup

1992-06-04 07:58:17
In case anyone didn't see it, there was a pretty good writeup of MIME in
the 6/1/92 issue of Communications Week, and a related favorable editorial
talking about MIME as a potential standard in the future.

The cover article basically attempts an objective comparison of X.400 and
MIME, citing that MIME already exists in some E-Mail software, and that the
MetaMail software exists from Bellcore.  They have a couple of quotes
bashing X.400, and an equal number bashing MIME.  Unfortunately, the ones
bashing MIME seem to be unfounded (see below.)

The other article is an editorial by author Carl Malamud, and talks about
the ambiguity of the X.400 specification and its difficulty to implement. 
He then talks about MIME and the speed at which it was implemented, and how
provisions were made for existing mail readers to coexist with MIME through

In my opinion, the editorial is very positive and correct. IM _V_ HO :).

The cover article, because it tries to be objective, cites weaknesses in
MIME that I don't think exist.  One of the quotes from the article asserts
that "MIME does not support foreign character sets and is of limited use to
international companies".  Hoo boy.

The only other negative comment about MIME was that "MIME will be popular
with Internet users, but I don't think large companies want another set of
standard backbone electronic-mail protocols."

I say, if they don't want another one, throw out one of the old ones :).

Anyhow, I just thought I'd mention the articles.

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