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Re: MIME stuff

1992-06-05 13:09:43

Are there any reference implementations of MIME around ?

Yes, Marshall Rose has written a modification for MH and Nathaniel
Borenstine has written MetaMail, a Mime extension for most general
mail agents.

Besides the PMDF I have seen references to, are there commercial
implementations ?

Microsoft mentioned in Executive Interop their work towards building
MIME into their mail, Cc, I believe.

Is anyone working on a MIME/POP client or MIME/RMAIL/emacs UA ?

There a public domain version of a MIME/IMAP client and Nathaniel's
code will modify rmail and emacs mail readers.

Does anyone have slides which present MIME ? I would gladly reimburse
for reproduction expenses.

I made a presentation to the IETF.  Slides are available in the
proceedings of the San Diego Plenary.  I can send you information on
getting the proceedings, or fax you the slides.

Greg V.

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