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Re: Time for ISO 10646?

1992-06-05 11:10:07
The final document is expected to be ready this fall.  There are two
scheduled meetings to resolve the yes but's and some of the no's.
Look at recent appends to comp.std.internat for instance.

Both Microsoft NT and Apple are more or less ready to ship products.
NT is supposed to be out in Beta sooooon.  I think Apple said 3-4Q or
so for a version of 7 that uses it.  There are several IBM products
that reportedly will use it.  All you have to do is look at the
membership of the Unicode Consortium to make good guesses at who else
is planning or close to having products.  I would assume that the
original members are closer to products than the newer members.
It is also worth noting that Plan 9 from Bell Labs uses it NOW.

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