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Re: tspecials again

1992-09-22 12:08:14
Marshall -

     I relaxed the rule too.  That has led me into more problems.  Now, some
instances of my software in the field have the relaxed rule, and some have the
strict rule.  I have no way of exterminating the old software except hope for
the passage of time.  And, of course, the old software is `right' and the new
software is `wrong'.

     This all could have been fixed a long time ago with much less hassle.  I
don't know who was responsible for adding dot to tspecials.  I know it was not
there once upon a time.  I know because I invented tspecials; expressly to
exclude dot (which appeared in RFC-822 specials) from token delimiters.

     I'm sorry that I get very frustrated when I end up wasting huge amounts
of time dealing with interoperability problems that could have been prevented
if people who should know better weren't unreasonably stubborn.  Perhaps I
should see having to solve the same problems over and over again as a form of
job security.

-- Mark --

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