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Re: tspecials again

1992-09-22 13:35:20
           Mark Crispin <MRC(_at_)panda(_dot_)com>  writes:
| Well, I just got finished with dealing with ANOTHER interoperability problem
| caused by an implementor who innocently forgot to quote parameter strings with
| an embedded period in it.  Once again, the string in question was a filename,
| the usual

  And I'm the implementer in question.

  While my program is intended as a throw-away translator for a format
that I expect to be replaced (NeXT mail), I had read the specification
with some care and did not really expect to be caught by this.

  I'd thought we'd learned parsimony from the experience of parsing
multiple comment/quoting formats in RFC-822 mail (:-)). 

  I respectfully request you consider changes to give you a grammar which is
both unambigous and minimal.  I submit that simplicity is a
quality-of-specification issue that directly affects the quality of
implementation and therefor the acceptance of those implementations.


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