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Re: MIME-PEM Interaction

1992-11-18 16:51:55

The MIME-PEM interaction draft looks quite good, but how about the
following addition to the message delivery specification:

   The message delivery mechanism must remove any Content-Annotation
   header fields that exist prior to post-delivery processing.  This
   applies to all messages, not just those of Content-Type multipart/pem,
   and recursively to all message parts.  This is to ensure that
   Content-Annotation header lines are only created by the local user

A related point: how about having the Content-Annotation header field
mention the privacy authority that added the line?  That way when you
forwarded an authenticated message your authentication would be declared.
The above treatment of Content-Annotation would need to be modified
to remove header lines claiming your authority.

Finally, is the header name "Content-Annotation" appropriate for this
purpose?  The term seems over-general (although perhaps you intend use
for other purposes?).  How about "Privacy-Annotation:" or the more wordy

Allan Schiffman &
Jay Weber

Enterprise Integration Techologies Corporation

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