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Re: mail for Thai language

1993-04-14 08:34:02
John F. Chandler <JCHBN(_at_)CUVMB(_dot_)bitnet> stated on the 
list the following:

There is a new ISO IR-166 registered for Thai.  It is official now.  I
believe it also covers Laotian -- 

Unfortunately this set is not included in RFC 1345, so I have no information
about what kind of character set it is (7-bit, intended for use with
US-ASCII like the 8859 ones, floating diacritics, 16-bit or "other").

I would very much like to get a list of characters used in Thai, for
inclusion in my forthcoming Internet-Draft on languages and character sets.
Feel free to contact me!

                           Harald Tveit Alvestrand

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