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ID ACTION:draft-ietf-822ext-mime2-02.txt, .ps

1993-04-14 08:18:15
A Revised Internet Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts
directories. This draft is a work item of the Internet Message 
Extensions Working Group of the IETF.                                 

       Title     : Mechanisms for Specifying and Describing the Format
                   of Internet Message Bodies                         
       Author(s) : N. Borenstein, N. Freed
       Filename  : draft-ietf-822ext-mime2-02.txt, .ps
       Pages     : 93

RFC 822 defines a message representation protocol which specifies 
considerable detail about message headers, but which leaves the 
message content, or message body, as flat ASCII text.  This document 
redefines the format of message bodies to allow multi-part textual and
non-textual message bodies to be represented and exchanged without 
loss of information.  This is based on earlier work documented in RFC 
934 and RFC 1049, but extends and revises that work. Because RFC 822 
said so little about message bodies, this document is largely 
orthogonal to (rather than a revision of) RFC 822. 

In particular, this document is designed to provide facilities to include 
multiple objects in a single message, to represent body text in character 
sets other than US-ASCII, to represent formatted multi-font text messages, 
to represent non-textual material such as images and audio fragments, and
generally to facilitate later extensions defining new types of 
Internet mail for use by cooperating mail agents. 

This document does NOT extend Internet mail header fields to permit anything 
other then US-ASCII text data.  Such extensions are the subject of a 
companion document  [RFC-HDRS].                                                 

Internet-Drafts are available by anonymous FTP.  Login with the 
username "anonymous" and password "guest".  After logging in,
Type "cd internet-drafts".
     "get draft-ietf-822ext-mime2-02.txt".
Internet-Drafts directories are located at:     
     o  East Coast (US)                          
        Address: (        
     o  West Coast (US)                          
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     o  Pacific Rim                              
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     o  Europe                                   
        Address: ( 
Internet-Drafts are also available by mail.     
Send a message to:  mail-server(_at_)nisc(_dot_)sri(_dot_)com(_dot_) In the 
body type: 
     "SEND draft-ietf-822ext-mime2-02.txt".
For questions, please mail to 

Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant Mail Reader 
implementation to automatically retrieve the ASCII version
of the Internet Draft.
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