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1993-05-05 22:43:06
That's okay, you have to translate it to 0x41 (in the general case).
It's no worse than base64, where 'A' means 0x00.

       But the idea of  "plain text"  (as a content TRANSFER ENCODING
not to be confused here with text/plain as a content TYPE)  is that I
don't have to do *any* translation.   That's my goal.   It's fair.
But if the item is in Base 64,  I'll just have to decode it.

The 7BIT and 8BIT content-transfer-encodings are "plain text".  Yes,
if you get a text/plain content-type with 7BIT or 8BIT encoding,
it's reasonable to simply display them.  But if either quoted-printable
or base64 encoding is used, it's not "plain text", and you have to
decode and translate from ascii to the local character set..


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