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CHARSET considerations [was: Re: mail housecleaning - help!]

1993-05-11 16:58:33
It would be nice if mail to the Pine list were in a form that it could
be read by Pine.  Latin-1??????

        Okay ... how's this?   There's NO CHARSET= parameter in this case.
Is it any better?

        This starts a different thread.   One that belongs in the
MIME spec discussion list more than in the Pine discussion list.
I maintain that US-ASCII (and ISO-8859-1 and most others) are not
the best choice for character set description.   Latin-1 is valid on
systems where ISO-8859-1 is not.   ISO-8859-1 means Latin-1 characters,
but also means a specific bit pattern representation of those characters.

        Dan,  I'm surprised that you report trouble reading  "CHARSET=
Latin-1"  mail with Pine.   I read such mail with 3.05 all the time.
Which version of Pine are you running?


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