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Re: CHARSET considerations [was: Re: mail housecleaning - help!]

1993-05-11 18:06:21
One that belongs in the
MIME spec discussion list more than in the Pine discussion list.
I maintain that US-ASCII (and ISO-8859-1 and most others) are not
the best choice for character set description.

If you folks are going to take this onto the 822 (MIME) list, could you
please explain what you are talking about?  If "I maintain...not the
best choice" means that you have another preference, please explain what
you think is broken and how you propose to fix it.  However, please
review the archives before you do so, as most of the known horses in
this area have been kicked to death, and extensively post-death, many
times already.

If the issue is how character sets are defined or what they are, please
take the conversation elsewhere, possibly to 
(subscriptions to ietf-charsets-request(_at_)innosoft(_dot_)com): character sets
have been explicitly removed from the scope of this WG and its mailing

       Dan,  I'm surprised that you report trouble reading  "CHARSET=
Latin-1"  mail with Pine.

Any version of anything that proports to be MIME and contains
     text/plain; charset=latin-1
is badly broken; "latin-1" is not a registered, or registerable, entity.


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