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Re: CHARSET considerations

1993-05-12 10:52:03
Hi, John,

                                                   However, please
review the archives before you do so, as most of the known horses in
this area have been kicked to death, and extensively post-death, many
times already.

        I've been doing that,  but it has taken no small amount of time.
Perhaps I should have tried to shorten the path and not review  ALL
of the ietf-822 archives.   But you are correct,  and I'd appreciate it
if more folks did  not  make the mistake that I appear to be making.

If the issue is how character sets are defined or what they are, please
take the conversation elsewhere, possibly to 
(subscriptions to ietf-charsets-request(_at_)innosoft(_dot_)com): character 
have been explicitly removed from the scope of this WG and its mailing

        Thanks for the corrected reference.

        Look ... I sincerely don't mean to be a whiner or to beat the
skeletal remains of yet-another-dead-horse,  but I  DON'T  see closure
on it and  DO  see  a solution / solution(s).   But I am a newcomer
(for reasons which escape me).

       Dan,  I'm surprised that you report trouble reading  "CHARSET=
Latin-1"  mail with Pine.

Any version of anything that proports to be MIME and contains
    text/plain; charset=latin-1
is badly broken; "latin-1" is not a registered, or registerable, entity.

        Any user of Pine 3.05 (and as far as I can tell 3.07 or 2.x)
can shoot themself in the foot  (head if you prefer)  by setting
character-set = Zeldas_private_codepage.   Should the Pine developers
remove this feature?   I think not.   Leave it open-ended.

        Pine tries to do MIME;  that's how this thread crossed.   Sorry.

        Small ROT is that software should generate the cleanest possible
protocol while accepting as much as possible and silently ignoring whatever
doesn't make sense but is otherwise harmless.   So,  yeah,  my  .pinerc
was broken and I'm a jerk for ruining everyone's day,  but that's balanced
against my former life on a  US-ASCII_is_foreign  system along with the
legitimate goal of leaving Pine (and everything) as open ended as possible.

        I'll subscribe to  ietf-charsets  and =just listen= until I have
some handle on the reality there.   Meantime,  every MIME compliant MUA
is causing numerous (not all) mail gateways to deliver incorrect data.
I WOULD NOT  ask any of these MUAs to stop [mis]labelling their mail,
but I would like to get the problem corrected.   A short-term solution
is to leave CHARSET= off if it's not absolutely essential.


Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>,  Rice University,  Information Systems

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