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Re: nordunet.redist.ietf #4138 - Re: Triple DES

1993-05-27 04:06:22
Excerpts from mail: 27-May-93 nordunet.redist.ietf #4138 ..
Harald(_dot_)T(_dot_)Alvestrand(_at_)dela (537)

I found this example of why I think we need to be able to hide
"optional but not essential" header-like body parts.
That is what the multipart/related;header= construct set out to do.

If you read the MIME-PEM draft, you'll see that this is solved there
with "multipart/pem", which I still tend to think is better than
"multipart/related" because I don't see where a general purpose
"related" construct tells you enough to be useful anyway, and a new
multipart subtype makes it easier to switch on the type, in the style of
metamail.  But I'm not a fanatic on this score.

So far, there has been next to no comments on this aspect.

Well, I've made the above comment as often as people would listen.  :-) 
 But as to your specific proposal for multipart/related, I must confess
that I've been  carrying it in my briefcase for a week now and still
haven't read it due to being swamped.  But I will get to it soon! --

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