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Re: Multipart/related proposal

1993-05-27 21:35:28
< From: Valdis Kletnieks <valdis(_at_)black-ice(_dot_)cc(_dot_)vt(_dot_)edu>
< If anything, 'multipart/related' is really a misnomer.  After all - how
< often do you send several *unrelated* pieces of anything in one e-mail? ;)
< As such, it strikes me as being just about as informative as
< 'appplication/octet-stream' is...

It's a different degree of relatedness, however. We need to somehow
differentiate between the multipart which comes from in-stream parts (a
hebrew sentence in the middle of an otherwise english paragraph) and the
multipart which comes from the attachment model. Whether it's called
multipart/related or something else is really irrelevent, as long as the
functionality is provided. If you can come up with a better name, great.


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