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Multipart/related proposal

1993-05-27 13:17:43
OK, I've finally read Harald's draft, and in addition to the general
comments I made earlier, I have one or two more things to add:

-- Section 3.1:  It isn't clear what syntax you'll use when you list
multiple header types, which you say is OK in the 3rd to last paragraph.

-- I'm troubled by the advice in the last paragraph of that same
section, which I'm not sure I understand.  Does this mean tha tif
there's an embedded plain text part, it won't be shown?  How do we know
that's the right thing to do by default?  There are all sorts of
semantic differences that are papered over here, but will vary for
different "related" multipart types.  For example, with some types, the
act of displaying the "main" type might automatically cause
program-displayed control of the other types, so they should not be
displayed separately.  With some, just the opposite might be the case. 
I don't see anything here that really tells me whether or not I shoudl
display each part separately in addition to (or after, or in parallel
with) the "main" or "header" types.`

-- I'm also troubled by the fact that "mainpart" and "header" are
different.  I have at least one application in mind where they'd be the
same thing.  In this application, if you have a viewer for the "special"
type, you display ONLY it, because it will display the other parts as
needed.  Does this make it a header, a mainpart, or both?

My gut feeling is still that the semantics of each multipart/related
"header" will be so different one from another that they might as well
each be their own multipart subtype.  -- Nathaniel

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