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Re: MIME-Version is *not* useless

1993-06-04 09:25:08
Personally, I don't think it would be the end of the world if semantics for
MIME-Version are not added to the current draft. (Nor would it be the end
of said world if said world had to wait for a few extra weeks because the
semantics *were* added.)

However, I think the RFC after that (Huh?  I thought it was perfect now?
:-)) should move in the direction of better semantics, not
removal/deemphasis of the header.

pcl(_at_)pegasus(_dot_)att(_dot_)com (Paul C. Lustgarten) writes:
IF the spec changes NOW to specify what should be done in the presence of a
non "1.0" value, then these vendors will have PLENTY of time to incorporate
the necessary revisions in future releases of their products BEFORE there
would actually be a non "1.0" value. 

Positive thoughts.  Happy smile.  I agree.

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Inc.
Oldthinkers unbellyfeel IngSoc.

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