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Re: MIME-Version is *not* useless

1993-06-04 10:59:23
< I'd like to second (or third, or whatever) Nathaniel's observation that
< debating MIME-Version at this point is entirely out of order.  In the
< absence of clear, strong evidence that MIME-Version is creating
< fundamental technical problems, debating its existence is certain to be
< unproductive.

There are actually two discussions going on about the MIME-Version header:

    o   should it exist at all

    o   should something be placed in the spec that indicates how future
        versions of MIME will deal with the MIME-Version header

I agree completely, debating its existence is nonproductive.

However, it is clear from various statements that the current spec is
confusing about how to handle the MIME-Version header when future versions
come out. Nathaniel has his expectations of the "obvious", which are shared
by most of us, as to how to change the "1.0" in future versions, but the
"obvious"-ness has evidently escaped various other parties, so it DOES need
to be spelled out. Since this is a CLARIFICATION of the INTENT of the spec,
adding such detail should not have to set the clock back whatsoever.

Reread Steve Dorner's mail; it goes into detail on how I think the header
should be used.

                                        Tony Hansen
                                att!pegasus!hansen, attmail!tony