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Protocol Action: The Content-MD5 Header to Proposed Standard

1993-06-24 16:04:57

  The IESG has approved the Internet Draft "The Content-MD5 Header" 
  <draft-ietf-822ext-md5-02.txt> as a Proposed Standard. This document
  is the product of the Internet Message Extensions Working Group. The
  IESG contact persons are John Klensin and Erik Huizer.            
Technical Summary

  This memo specifies an optional header field, Content-MD5, for use
  with MIME-Conformant messages.  This header provides a message
  integrity protection (MIC) to detect accidental corruption incurred
  in the course of email transport.

Working Group Summary

  This optional extension to MIME is based on work originating in the
  PEM Working Group and is a straight forward extension to the base
  MIME protocol.

Protocol Quality

  This protocol has not yet been implemented but the basic MIC
  mechanisms are well understood and their application to MIME is
  believed to be implementable.

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