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text/enriched comments

1993-06-28 18:17:05
I finally got around to reading draft-ietf-822ext-text-enriched-02.txt
and have some questions and comments:

The document does not explictly state that formatting commands are

The fact that the "verbatim" turns off interpretation of embedded
formatting commands significantly increases the complexity of parsers.
While text/richtext has one special state (comment), text/enriched has
two, with the param state having to watch out for <verbatim>.  I can
see of no benefit of the turn-off-interpretation directive, what was
the reason for it?

The statement about the UNIX newline convention assumption is
nonsensical--it is up to the C language's stdio library to deal with
newline conventions.

The sample parser botches the following stream:


What is the purpose of the line of code:

putc('\n', stdout);

at the end of the sample parser?  It does not appear to correspond to
any part of the text/enriched specification.

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