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more text/enriched comments

1993-06-28 19:14:47
The specification states that including the literal string
"</verbatim>" inside of a verbatim environment may be done by breaking
up the verbatim segment into two verbatim segments.  This is not
true--a reader is allowed to split the line as follows:

...slightly challenging to include the literal string "</
verbatim>" inside of a verbatim environment...

It is not possible with the supplied command set to turn off
filling, yet still retain interpretation of formatting commands.

In short, I think verbatim should just turn off filling and
justification.  Readers can then treat it as any other command.
Composers can easily deal with having to double < and CRLF's.

_.John G. Myers         Internet: jgm+(_at_)CMU(_dot_)EDU
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