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Re: text/enriched comments

1993-06-29 08:15:53
At  9:27 AM 6/29/93 -0400, Nathaniel Borenstein wrote:
Excerpts from mail: 28-Jun-93 text/enriched comments John Gardiner
Myers(_at_)cmu(_dot_) (1061)
two, with the param state having to watch out for <verbatim>.  I can
see of no benefit of the turn-off-interpretation directive, what was
the reason for it?

To make it easier to generate text/enriched data that includes things,
e.g. C programs with lots of "<" characters.
Other opinions?

I found it convenient to add a very similar facility to my text/richtext
parser.  I often present multiple body parts, some text/plain, some
text/richtext, in one body of text.  I do this by delimiting the richtext
body parts with <x-rich> and </x-rich> directives, and then treating the
whole thing as (sorta) text/richtext.  Yes, it complicates the richtext
parser a little, but it simplifies other things.  An overall win for me.

Just MHO.

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Inc.
Oldthinkers unbellyfeel IngSoc.

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