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IANA registration of header names

1993-09-03 17:18:58

We periodically see requests for "valid" or "reserved" RFC822
header names.  To my knowledge, no compendium with that list has
been created.  My constructive thought for the day was to observe
that this is a very well understood phenomenon and could be 
reduced to a rather menial effort:

The IANA serves to list all sorts of tables of registered names
and values.  RFC822 didn't cite it because a) I didn't think of
it, and b) IANA wasn't quite serving the pervasive role it now

But it now does.

While there are many header names that are effectively reserved and
used but not documented, there are others that are very much

I propose that we put the list together and forward it to IANA.  They
have already agreed to incorporate it.

Do we have a volunteer to act as editor?


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