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Re: standards/suggestions for MIME transport of PC filetypes?

1993-09-07 08:52:06
A quick look at this seems to imply that the following information needs to 
be carried in some field, (i.e. subtype):

Application Name         == Application that the data are intended for
Environment         == i.e. DOS, Windows, OS2 version of the product
Version Number      == The product version number for that environment.

An example might look like this for an application called "FOO" where FOO is 
the subtype of the application content type, and the Environment and Version 
are parameters of this subtype.

I see a possibly-important distinction here, and am not sure what is
being proposed. 

Possibility 1: The above constitutes a start at good guidance about
issues to be thought of in the context of the application, possible
interpreters of the application's files that are not the application
itself, etc.  But the decisions as to what to use ultimately get worked
out on a FOO by FOO basis, since different applications may have
different requirements.

Possibility 2: This is a proposal for redefining the MIME "application"
major type in a way that would add more structure to it, i.e., to
standardize or possibly require the "environment" and "version"