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MIME T-shirts wanted

1993-09-08 04:46:36
Recently someone asked me if MIME was making me rich.  This made me
laugh, because I'm a researcher on a salary for a company that doesn't
make or sell MIME products, so the answer is a resounding no.  In fact,
I replied, I've never made a penny from MIME, but I have received a
couple of very nice free T-shirts plugging products that implement MIME.

This has percolated through the bizarre corridors of my mind to the
point where I have set myself a goal of having the world's most complete
MIME-related T-shirt collection.  SO.... if your company implements both
MIME and T-shirts, how about sending me one?  I promise to make an
effort to wear it on at least one or two occasions when your competitors
will be genuinely annoyed by it.  (I took great delight in wearing DEC 
T-shirts when the IBM folks came to visit CMU & see how their money was
being spent on the Andrew project.)  Please send T-shirts to:

        Nathaniel Borenstein
        25 Washington Avenue
        Morristown, NJ 07960

Thanks in advance to all you good sports out there.... -- Nathaniel

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