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EMail World Conference Update

1993-10-03 10:11:39
EMail World, the EMail Enabled Technologies Conference and 
Exposition is being held November 2 - 4, 1993 at the santa Clara 
Convention Center in california.

On Friday, November 5, we will be presenting a choice of four very 
special EXPERT level technical seminars.  These custom designed full 
day seminars are the perfect compliment to your experiece at the three 
day conference as well as the exposition.

George Dennis of RAM Mobile Data - -  Getting the Most from Wireless 
Messaging.  Yhis sessionis aimed at managers with an interest in 
planning and implementing successful wireless strategies.

Einar Stefferud of Network Management Associates, and Technical 
Chairman of EMail World - EMail Strategic Planning Workshop.  This is 
a participatory workshop; submit your strategic questions and problems 
for a small panel of experts to analyze.  A fantastic value!

Elaine Sharp of Microsoft - Today's Tools for Success: X.400 and X.500.  
A provocative and practical look at what the future may look like.

Sue Lebeck of Tandem Computers - Electronic Mail Management.  A 
comprehensive and technical session on this important subject, with 
over six panelists to share the breaking news in mail management.

For information on these Friday post conference seminars, and for 
details on the three day conference and the exposition, please reply to 
DCIGAVIN(_at_)delphi(_dot_)com(_dot_)  Please include your conventional mailing 
address as well as your phone and fax number.  Your priority code is 

Thank you.  Hope to see you in Santa Clara next month!

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