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1993-10-18 07:33:17

That is, draft-ietf-mime-sgml-00.txt.  This is quite interesting.

Thank you.

I don't understand the prohibition against forward cross references
if the SGML doc is to be rendered only after it has been received
completely.  ("That requirement enables the user agent to display
the SGML documents as they are encountered" seems to take a 
different approach.)

In SDIF, the cross reference scope is the entire data stream.  Hence
a document in related-documents-A could reference an entity in
related-documents-B.  This constraint insures that each document is
displayable as it is encountered.  Without the constraint it's
conceivable that you'd have process the entire message, however many
documents it contained, before you'd be able to display the first

Are there examples of SGML documents encoded in this manner?

No, I'm not even sure there are extant SDIF processors.  Anyone know
of any?


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