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Re: Improving the handling of conversations in Internet mail

1993-12-09 08:03:51
Do you mean that if "Followup-To: foo" where foo is an e-mail
address would cause problems if it occurred in Netnews?
What kind of problems would it cause? What would happen?

As I understand it, most header fields are the same in e-mail
and in Netnews, and the recipients of a message can be both
Newsgroups and e-mail recipients at the same time. Or am I
wrong there? If the "Date:" field and "From:" field and
"Reply-to:" field can occur, with the same meaning, in both
News articles and mail messages, why not also "Followup-To:"?

In fact, I will test and see what happens. I hope I will
not cause havoc by sending a test message.