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Re: Improving the handling of conversations in Internet mail

1993-12-09 12:10:07
I do not understand how use of Followup-To in mail would cause any havoc
in Netnews. You will have to explain this havoc to me.

My intention is ***not*** to propose a new use of Followup-To in mail,
but to use it in mail in the same way as it is already used in Netnews.

If you are going to use it in mail in the same way as it is used in news,
then it must comply with RFC 1036, and must contain either (a) a list of
newsgroups, or (b) the magic word "poster".  In particular, it may not
contain a mailing address, which I understand to be the intention of
the proposal.

This would not cause any problem in gatewaying to netnews, but would
rather make such gatewaying easier, by using Followup-To in a consistent
manner for both Newsgroups and Distribution lists.

Mail-to-news gateways should comply with RFC 1036, which would require
changing or deleting your Followup-To header.

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