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Re: Comments on MIME/SGML

1994-02-22 11:29:01
In message <9402211509(_dot_)AA01936(_at_)ptpc00(_dot_)cern(_dot_)ch>, Tim 
Berners-Lee writes:

   1. We make the following correspondence between the terms of the SGML
   standard and the MIME RFC:

       SGML SYSTEM identifier => MIME Content-ID

      I proposed in an earlier note that the SGML SYSTEM identifier
      should be a URI and that a special form of URI (cid:) should
      be used to specify a content identifier within a MIME
      multipart message.

      SGM SYSTEM identifier  => URI
      This allows SGML to reference anything in the universal
      syntax, inclusing now URLs and later URNs, and
      other parts of a MIME object using the cid: form.
      I think this is important, as external references
      are important too, and one will need to mix them.

So far we've only been talking about MIME and SGML. Neither MIME
tools nor SGML tools currently grok URI's. I see no reason to
introduce that much new technology just to allow a MIME message to
hold multiple SGML entities.

Besides: MIME already specifies a way to reference bodies outside
the message: message/external-body. e.g.:

        Content-Type: multipart/x-sgml; boundary="cut-here";

        Content-ID: id1
        Content-Type: text/x-sgml

        <!DOCTYPE HTML [
        <!ENTITY % htmldtd SYSTEM "id2">

        Content-ID: id2
        Content-Type: message/external-body;

        Content-Type: text/x-sgml;



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