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X.400-Internet-mail integration proposal from ANSI

1994-04-14 02:03:11
(Excuse me if you get more than one copy of this message, I thought
the issue was so important that the message should get wide
circulation. Further discussion can be done in only one
list as suggested below)

ANSI, the U.S. National standards organisation, has written a
proposal to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 18, on integration of the X.400
and Internet mail standards. Here are some quotes from the
U.S. proposal.

"The U. S. National body suggests that a concentrated and dedicated
effort is now needed to study and provide standardized solutions on
how the MHS and the Internet-based messaging approaches can be
integrated. We envision the possibility of merging the MHS standard
and some of the Internet messaging standards into one world-wide
standard for messaging in the future.

"The U. S. National Body believes that a prerequisite for this work
to be started is that formal liaison be granted between ISO/IEC and
Internet IETF for this work."

The full text of the U.S. proposal is available by the Internet Gopher
from, choose the Gopher meny items
- ISO messaging standards news
- Internet(IETF)-ISO-standards coordination
- U.S. proposal on MHS(X.400)/Internet mail integration

A suitable forum for e-mail discussions on this document is the
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