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ULPAA'94 Short Form Call for Participation

1994-04-20 00:01:39
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   ULPAA'94:  The IFIP 6.5 International Working Conference on
   Upper Layer Protocols, Architectures and Applications

                    Barcelona, Spain
   Tutorials: 30 and 31st of may 1994.
   Conference: 1st to 3rd of june 1994.

   Sponsored by:  IFIP Working Group 6.5
   Hosted by:  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
   Patrons:  ati, Eritel, Generalitat de Catalunya, Telefonica

   The purpose of the conference is to provide an international forum
for the exchange of information on the technical, economic, and social
impacts and experiences with upper layer protocols, architectures and
distributed applications.  The conference format will be two and one
half days of conference paper presentations combined with one half day
of workshops.

   Past conferences in this series have had significant impact on the
earliest stages of standards development in both the ISO and Internet
protocol suites.  For example: Basic concepts for MIME (Multi-purpose
Internet Mail Extensions) were framed at the 1990 IFIP WG 6.5
Conference in Zurich.

   Increasingly, the effective use of computers depends upon smooth
interworking between disparate and diverse computers, communicating
with each other using a wide variety of networking technologies.  Such
smooth interworking, in turn, depends critically on standardized
communication protocols, which are themselves dependent on clearly-
understood and well-specified architectures for interworking
applications.  As new interworking applications are developed, new
protocols are vital to the success of the applications.  The ULPAA
conference provides a pre-standards forum where leading researchers
discuss promising and problematic developments in the world of
interworking applications.


Models & Designs:       Feldhoffer, Mock, Chrisment
Security:               Goscinski, Hardjono, Knight, Jordan, Grimm, Gupta
Interconnection and
Interoperation:         Horiuchi, Acebron, Delgado
Group communications:   Schaeffer, Lubich, Burkhardt
Programming Environments
and Tools:              Hoschka, Lavender, Schmidt, Wong
Directory Services
and Applications:       Al-Soufi, Seret, Afifi, Neufeld
New Directions:         Benford, Schmidt, Borenstein
Invited Dinner Talk:    Stefferud

Monday,  May 30, 1994 (DATES= 30M & 30A)
Tuesday, May 31, 1994 (DATES= 31M & 31A)

LECTURER              TITLE
J. Larmonth           Advanced ASN.1
Kate Grant            Time critical communications
Antoni Drudis         Standardization process
Robert Willmott       MHS: x.400 & ISO 10021
Nathaniel Borenstein  MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
Robert Willmott       EDI over X.435
Steve Mathews         EDI and Security
David Chappell        Network Management
Joe Ghetie            OSI management testing development & services
Richard Carr          Conformance testing of distributed applications


   Advance and detailed conference program, tutorials objectives and
outlines, registration and hotel reservation forms are also available
electronically by anonymous ftp from in the
/pub/conferences/ifip6.5 directory.


   The Conference will take place at the new North Campus of the
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in the cosmopolitan city of
Barcelona on the north-east coast of Spain, with easy access to some
splendid holiday resorts, such as the Costa Brava.  Barcelona itself
is a fascinating city with a unique blend of historical tradition,
exciting architecture, nightlife and nouvelle cuisine.


Return registration form to:
Leandro Navarro
UPC Campus Nord
Gran Capitan s/n, (D6.104)
Dept. Arquitectura de Computadors
E-08071-Barcelona, SPAIN
Phone: +34-3-401 6807; Fax: +34-3-401 7055
Email: ifip65-org(_at_)ac(_dot_)upc(_dot_)es
X.400: S=ifip65-org/OU=ac/O=upc/PRMD=iris/ADMD=mensatex/C=es

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