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Re: son-of-RFC1036

1994-08-19 13:54:02
I believe the most recent version of Henry's son-of-RFC1036 draft is -- there's also a postscript version.

I really need to update it somewhat based on recent comments...  I've
got a bunch of good comments (including some from John) that I haven't
had a chance to look at and think about properly yet.

For the record, I think that document's comments about See-Also
vs. References and about message/news are way off the mark.

My current take on the former is that I'm right if you believe 822 and
John's right if you look at actual practice, although I need to take a
second look at it all.  As for the latter, it's a deeper issue than I
first thought and I don't want to comment until I've had a chance to
sort it all out, but John has managed to raise some doubts in my mind.

                                                           Henry Spencer

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