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Does RFC 1327 introduce new features into Internet mail?

1994-08-20 09:28:12
There has been a very interesting discussion on the topic of
an "obsoletes" feature in Internet mail.

However, no one has commented on the other question I asked
in my original message. That question was whether the definition
of a feature in RFC 1327 effectively introduces this feature
in Internet mail, i.e. whether Internet mail does already have
an "obsoletes" feature, since it is defined in RFC 1327.

Or does RFC 1327 add features to Internet mail, which are
only to be used in communicating with X.400 gateways, and
which are not intended for "internal" usage in Internet mail?

Should the outcome of our discussion on the "obsoletes" feature,
if this outcome is agreement of a specification on how such
a feature should work, be added to the next version of RFC 1327,
since RFC 1327 is the Internet standard which introduces
"obsoletes" into Internet mail, or should such a specification
go into a separate standard?

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