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Re: Does RFC 1327 introduce new features into Internet mail?

1994-08-24 04:28:55
Presumably, the "Obsoletes:" header field, as defined in RFC 1327,
can be used (a) when gatewaying messages from X.400 which have
the corresponding X.400 P2 attribute, and (b) when gatewaying
messages from Internet to X.400 if the Internet sender wants
his message to be gatewayed into an X.400 message which has
the X.400 obsoletes attribute.

If this header field is not meant to be used internally between
Internet mail UA-s, does this mean that a sender should send
two copies of his message, one to the X.400 gateway which has
the "Obsoletes:" header field, and one to Internet recipients
which does not use this header field?

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