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Re: MIME's "Content-Disposition" Header

1995-01-18 14:36:21
At 11:19 AM 1/18/95, Olle Jarnefors wrote:
This as an example where automatic transformation of the given
filename will work reasonably well.

If it works reasonably well, then the receiving system can do it as well or
better than the sending system.  It is, after all, the receiving system
that has the best information about its own filesystem.

Yes, the receiving system could be stupid and give unfortunate results; but
so could the sending system, so I don't see a clear win.

I think it would be a fine thing if you write up and register some sort of
portable-filename parameter, but I don't think it's really necessary in the
basic Content-Disposition document, and I would rather stick to the

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